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Mindence Innovative Technologies

The hardware cryptocurrencies mining, development exosystems for people with disabilities and development of algorithmic bot programs which significantly increase efficiency of trading at the Forex market.

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General information

Who we are?

Mindence Innovative Technologies – the innovative and technological company which has own hi-tech developments and uses fully the scientific potential of our employees. At the same time, our company is in continuous development and searching of new ways for own enhancement and for the profitability increasing. And it is our main aim as commercially oriented company.

Using of intellectual program developments in the field of a cryptomining and trading at the Forex market, and also innovative developments in the area of exosystems for disabilities people are components of the unique business solution from our company, consolidating which, we receive permanently positive and stable result in the profit generating for all our investors.

Effective process of a cryptomining on the basis of the own company’s developments and using of the most modern innovative achievements

Development and introdusing in everyday life of solutions for people with disabilities in the form of modern intellectual exosystems

Sale of some own developments which are applying in the poker online bots and also in some other online games

Innovativity and technical achievements as a style of the business doing

Powerful personal and scientific capacity of the company in each solution

Stability, reliability and predictability of business for all our investors


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Just register the personal account, make investment and start to gain stable income, using the capacity of our company to the fullest. Just register a personal account, make an investment

Just register the personal account, make investment and start to gain stable income, using the capacity of our company to the fullest.

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Just register a personal account, make an investment and start to receive a stable income, using the potential of our company to the fullest.

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Our investors

Our company has provided the single investment solution for all investors. This consolidates investment efforts of the company and investors, and also significantly simplifies directly process of the investments management. Therefore simplicity of the investment process is a guarantee of reliability and obtaining of stable profit by investors regardless of the developed external conjuncture circumstances.

Investing with our company, for you are becomes available an experience, knowledge and scientific developments of our highly qualified specialists team. Your money will reliably working, making for you the daily stable profit.

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What we offer?

Having invested of any amount, for you will be available the possibility of active additional earnings in the program. Developing own partner structure on 3 levels in depth, you will be able to earn additionally 7% of deposits amounts from the investments of your partners of 1st level, 3% from deposits of your partners of 2nd level and 1% from investments which will be made by your partners of 3rd level of your partner structure.




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